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Soft Launching Portal SatuPemerintah.Net

  • Kamis, 03/08/2012
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To obtain information about the budget and the performance of government agencies is now no longer difficult. On October 18, 2012 Indonesia Open Government did a soft launch portal in Payon cafe’ Jakarta.

According Prayoga Wira as the project officer, the launch of this portal is part of an initiative to build an open government. SatuPemerintah Portal is a centralized effort to organize data in a way that is easy and visual, so that people no longer expect difficulty in obtaining access to the information data performance of government agencies.

Still according to Prawira Yoga, this portal will also be able to show whether the data that is being sought is available or not. And since served by category society will soon know which agencies provide complete data and agencies which do not provide data. In this way the level of adherence to the transparency of agency budget data as mandated by Law No. 14 tahun2008 on Public Information will be visible.

Soft launch is packed casual and simple was attended various elements of society and government such as the Ministry of Finance, the Central Information Commission, FITRA NGOs and the academic community as well as the various elements of other communities. The simplicity of the event did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants in asking and giving input to enhance portal.

Interesting proposals dialog appears when the session starts, Adriani from the Ford Foundation as hope there is a commitment from the parties primarily UKP4 portal manager to commit to update the data that is presented so that people always get the latest data. Andriani is also hoped that the data presented can complete up to future budget data per village.

While Yuna who is a representative of the NGO FITRA suggested that for data that is not too much so that the file can be displayed without the need to download. Also according to Yuna , for some categories of files that are currently fragmented it is better put together, it is to make it easier in terms of taxonomy .

What is interesting from the portal as presented Prawira Yoga is that this portal is the first step of the spirit of Open Data , where all the information about the government’s performance and budget that is accessible to the public rights of people very easily, anytime and anywhere. (OpenGovIndonesia)