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Implementation Report of Open Government Indonesia 2012

  • Kamis, 27/05/2013
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GSAR 2012

On April 19 2013, the Government of Indonesia launched the Implementation Report of Open Government Indonesia 2012, titled “Open Government Indonesia: A New Era of Government Openness”. For the Government of Indonesia, the year 2012 set the important foundation to build a climate of transparency that can improve governance and nurture accountable decision-making. Open Government Indonesia as a national movement serves as a collaborative platform between the government and civil societies to introduce a strategic breakthrough and create government innovations in achieving an open, transparent, and accountable government — as mandated by the Law No 14 Year 2008 on Public Information Disclosure. By being an open, transparent, and accountable government, the Government of Indonesia can thrive to be innovative in addressing complex challenges and responsive to the needs of citizens.

This government self-assessment report chronicles the journey of Indonesia in implementing its international commitments through 38 action plans related to open government. The 38 action plans were developed quite concretely and very specific to allow tight and effective monitoring in achiveing the targets that were set collectively in consulation with civil societies. The action plans served to enhance public services, increase the integrity of state apparatus, and improve the effectiveness as well as transparency of public resources management. The report also captures various lessons learned from the journey that act as inputs for the renewal of the journey in year 2013, and most importantly, for other countries in considering to embark on a similar journey towards government openness.

The report in English can be downloaded here.