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Core Team Recruitment Open Government Indonesia (OGI) from Elements of Civil Society

  • Kamis, 29/08/2013
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Since the establishment of the Core Team OGI in June 2011, his passion for equal participation among government and CSOs have been reflected in the membership structure of the core team that formed this voluntarily. Currently OGI Core Team consists of 5 K/L (UKP4, Bappenas, Communication and Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KIP ) and 4 OMS (TII, ICEL, PATTIRO, FITRA). Given the public’s enthusiasm OGI movement that will enter the 3rd year, the Core Team structure as the main motor driving OGI OGI activities need to be strengthened.

CSO participation in the Open Government initiative Indonesia ( OGI ) is absolute and is a manifestation of the Indonesian Government’s efforts to encourage collaboration with CSOs in this initiative. The existence of CSOs felt all along the main stand in advocating for people to get what they are entitled to. That is because the government bureaucratic machinery has not been able to listen to the aspirations of the maximum / complaints / feedback from the community. In carrying out its role, the CSO has a variety of information regarding the ineffectiveness of an information service and other public services through field visits , direct communication with the public as well as the availability of adequate capacity so as to produce a sharp study and analysis.

Thus , the presence of CSOs in the Core Team OGI will provide significant benefits :

a. Create checks and balances involves defining policies, strategies, action plans and monitoring the implementation of The action plan OGI.

b . Build collaboration between the Government and CSOs through a spirit of equality and cooperation improved gradually formed.

c . Acceleration of the process of transfer of knowledge and know-how on the main Disclosure regarding which elements of the government is relatively less understanding.

d . Increase the credibility and seriousness of the Indonesian government in the implementation of OG ( including the Disclosure therein ) both in the eyes of the people of Indonesia and internationally.

Recognized the importance of CSOs in the Core Team OGI as described above and a demand to increase the capacity OGI Core Team, it was decided to make a good addition to the membership element of the Government and CSOs. The Government has agreed to the elements will add 2 K / L is the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of PAN and RB so that later there were 7 K / L in the Core Team OGI. It is a fundamental consideration that both K / L is having a major role in encouraging the establishment of PPID and quality of information services in the scope of K / L and the regional center.

In order to ensure the balance of the elemental composition of the Government and CSOs in the Core Team OGI, required the addition of 3 CSO. The fact that many CSOs in Indonesia expressed interest as well as the potential to contribute positively to the movement of OGI. It is necessary to draw up an election of members of the Core Team OGI CSOs in a transparent and credible so that the results can be accounted for contribution. Memorandum this concept further unravel the contribution of CSOs in the hope of OGI movement, criteria and mechanisms of CSO next election as a member of the Core Team OGI.

1 . The role of CSOs in the Initiative OGI

CSO membership in the Core Team OGI has strategic significance in determining the effectiveness of the implementation of the OGI movement. OGI lives of coordinated movement in the Core Team OGI basically pushing the capacity of the Government in the provision of information services while improving the quality of public services and government accountability in accordance with the three principles that have been held are: Transparency, Participation and Innovation. For the determination of the CSO shall consider the fulfillment of the criteria to ensure capable of running a variety of roles / functions as follows :

Active role in preparing the Action Plan for OGI

a. Involved in the initial formulation of the draft action plan OGI before presented to the public for input

b . The dissemination of the draft action plan and identification OGI public voice as input the formulation of action plans OGI

c . Up- dating the achievement of the following implementations running OGI OGI detailed formal analysis of the effectiveness of the action plan formulation ingredients next OGI

Role within the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan OGI

a. Perform alignment of CSOs action plan with action plan OGI

b . Contributing to actively engage in activities of the action plan OGI

c . Be a catalyst input / criticism / complaints from other CSOs to be delivered in the discussion in the Core Team OGI

Role in the monitoring and evaluation of Action OGI

a. Monitoring part action plan that OGI ​​( corresponding focus of each institution )

b . Encourage community involvement / public to participate in monitoring the action plan OGI

c . Monitoring reporting OGI action plan and action plan CSOs ( related OGI ) in the Core Team meeting OGI

Outreach to other CSOs role in national and local

a. Actively disseminate the Open Government initiative Indonesia ( OGI ) to other CSOs and networks at both national and regional

b . Actively encourage increased capacity building of CSOs to be directly involved in movements OGI

Role in the management of the movement of OGI

a. Actively participate in the implementation of communication OGI movement through various communication media such as the OGI website , social media OGI , OGI newsletter , etc. .

b . Participate and / or a key organizer in the implementation of the Knowledge Forum OGI OGI or event with other movements .

c . Host the regular team meeting alternately with Core OGI Core OGI other team members

d . Prepare reports periodically with OGI movement

2 . General Criteria for Selection of CSO

OGI movement during 2013 – 2014 will encourage more transparency, public participation, and innovation in three main sectors : 1. public service sector (both individual and corporate ) , 2. public sector resources (both financial and natural resources), 3. sector integrity of public officials ( such as PPID, LHKPN, etc.). Thus all members of the Core Team OGI, including CSOs, have relevance to the activities of third sector driven by OGI.

Requirements / Criteria Minimum :

To be able to participate as a member of the Core Team OGI , the CSO should meet the following minimum criteria :

a. Has been formally registered as a CSO in K / L and the authorities have been working for at least 5 years.

b . Has a track record of activities concerning the disclosure of information during the last 2 years.

c . Has a track record of interacting with public agencies in the government promote the principles of transparency , accountability and participation.

d . Has implemented the principles of openness in the activities of the organization and management of the CSO ( according UU KIP ), among others :

• Transparency of organizational structure and governance CSOs
• Transparency of financial statements CSOs ( as audited )
• Publication of financial resources and operating budget OMS

f. Supported by the availability of human resources ( minimum 20 people ) and supported by an adequate budget.

g. Communication with the public has minimal media website which is regularly updated .

Other Important Notes for Selection of CSO :

a. CSO members who sit in the Core Team OGI represent their organization, and not in the capacity of private/individual.

b. CSO membership in the Core Team OGI is not limited by time , but rather assessed the results of his active contribution in the movement OGI ​​.

c. CSOs are affiliated to a particular political party can not be a member of the Core Team OGI .

3. Mechanism of OMS election as a Core Team OGI

Mechanism of OMS election as a Core Team OGI need to go through the following stages :

a. CSOs are interested in joining should submit a letter of interest formal statement to the Core Team OGI ( through OGI Secretariat ) concerning the desire to be a member of the Core Team OG, including contribution plan that may be granted during a member. This letter is accompanied by a brief profile attachment organizations and programs related to transparency, accountability and public participation ( maximum 3 pages A4 ).

b. Submit two letters of reference from other CSOs with similar issues.

c. All OMS candidates who are running will be reviewed by all members of the Core Team OGI OMS , and then choose the best and set as a new member of the Core Team OGI.

d. CSO selection process from initial bid to reach a final decision can be monitored through the OGI website.

e. Interest affidavit and attachments sent to the selection committee in OMS Core Team with CC to

4. CSO Recruitment Schedule In Core Team OGI

a. August 26, 2013: Announcement on the OGI website (

b. 26 August to 9 September 2013: Submission of expressions of interest from CSOs letter signed by the head of the institution with:

A brief profile of the organization and the programs related to transparency, accountability and public participation ( maximum 3 pages A4 ) .
Submit two letters of reference ( from other CSOs with similar issues .

c. 16 September 2013 : The announcement of the recruitment.

5. Contact Person for Related Information

a. Maulana Muhammad

b. Ahmad Rofik

c. Muhammad Ilham

d. Dessy Eko Prayitno